The Critters

Vowella Valley and Heaven’s Wait are abundant with colorful critters that are either native to the land or of earthly origin with a bit of a twist. As quirky as the Vowellans themselves, they add splashes of interest and purpose as the book series progresses.

Lizzy Wista

Mysterious, gentle creature who is under the loving care of the Fig Wigs. Native to HW, she has watchful eyes and cares for her young.

Fahbee Flingbee

San’s secret companion, a Spanish-speaking visitor from far to the north.

Izzy and Bizzy Wista

Playful twin offspring of Lizzy Wista. They love prancing, tumbling and especially nuzzling.

Lucinda Flingbee

Lovely yet elusive Flingbee who flits into the valley from Jimmy’s Jungle.


Bouncing delicacy from the waters of Lake Marie.


Colorful, scampering bird of Jimmy’s Jungle.

Smiley Kook

Boisterous, speaking creature of Jimmy’s Jungle.