The Vowellans

The five clans of Heaven’s Wait’s hidden community of Vowella are natives of their valley. They were given their clan titles by RJ PLOM”s mother, Marie, who happened upon them when she, as Vowella Valley’s first earthling, arrived generations ago. Intrigued by the fact that the clans’ unique traits and habits were characterized by short vowel sounds, Marie felt compelled to give the clans surnames that fell in line with their traits. And though the clans were of varying species, she decided to refer to the collective creatures as Vowellans. Now that RJ is amongst them, he is sharing some details about the clans of which the Vowellans are composed.


While the Fog Bobs are the intellects in the town of Vowella, the Fig Wigs are the quiet yet free-spirited folks. The Ham Bats are jolly and speak with a twist, while the Net Kens are materialistic with a splash of greed. And those Rug Bums…well, they’re just plain mean and bullying most of the time. All of the clans are unique in appearance and behavior, but for the most part, they are innocent and so naive about the ways of the worlds outside of their little valley. They are comical, cartoon-like characters that have real human struggles like the rest of us.