Present-Day Fog Bobs

The tall, intellectual Fog Bobs are characterized by head/bodies shaped like logs; protruding ears that flap in the breeze; legs attached from crotch to ankles; round, floppy feet the size of dinner plates; beautiful blue eyes; and 4 digit hands with pointy fingertips. Because of their attached legs, they must hop to get around. The children are toothpick thin. All clan members wear top hats to protects their scalps, which are allergic to fog. They are always formally dressed, and most wear glasses. They sleep on cots so their floppy feet may hang over the end. They have pet fox that love to jog.

The Fog Bobs hold the professional positions of Vowella. They are doctors, professors, scientists, inventors, and high level thinkers who are thirsty for knowledge, competitive, and mostly arrogant about their achievements. Many of the adults hold honorary degrees in their fields of expertise. Their lifestyle is highly structured, as is their architecturally straight-lined home.

Mok Fog Bob

As central character of the Heaven’s Wait book series, Mok enters the scene in Book Two, INNOCENTS. He is a curious, intuitive, current generation teenager who is forever observing and questioning why people and things are as they are. Born of a clan that has strict, structured, high expectations, he struggles to respect the demands of his clan, especially those of his arrogant, troubled father, while trying to discover his own unique life path.

A quick study with an equally quick wit, he is anxious to discover if there is more potential to the innocent, naive Vowellans than that which he has always known. While still teenage-clumsy, especially on a social level, Mok is wiser than he knows and persistent enough to keep examining his oddball world until he understands the bigger picture in Heaven’s Wait.