Present-Day Net Kens

The most alien-looking of the clans, the Net Kens are easy to spot because of their spherical heads, which are not only surrounded by ten gem-like red eyes that roll randomly in their sockets but also topped with 6 inch knobs adorned with satellite-dish-shaped ears; rubbery purple skin; long, skinny necks; flexible arms that end with retractable clipper fingers and handy hooped nets; and the vibrant, trendy, often gaudy outfits they wear. They are greedy, materialistic, possessive individuals of varying degrees. Some are vane, some bratty, some obsessive/compulsive, some whiny, some ditsy. All are avid collectors. Their stocky pets, called rets, look like knob-headed bulldogs that lost their hind legs to iguana tails.

The Net Kens are charged with collecting the valley’s crops, maintaining numerous pens of wild hens, and keeping their indoor/outdoor wells amply stocked with eggs for consumption by the residents of Vowella.

Lek Net Ken

Having been raised by his Granny Zen and the rest of the eclectic Net Ken clan, Lek is a specimen for behavioral study. He is mild mannered with less of a greedy streak than the rest of his family, but with obsessive/compulsive traits that are often exaggerated and crippling for him and frustrating for friends such as Mok and San. He is conscientious and determined, yet he is a worrier. He relies on a shower of sticky notes to keep himself organized and on his ample patience when dealing with the many self-absorbed females that dominate his clan.

Despite his limitations, Lek is a likable teen who is naive enough to be genuine in all he says and does. He has yet to learn why his many quirks have manifested themselves and how they affect his growth as a Vowellan.