Vowella Valley

Hidden deep within Heaven’s Wait, this secret valley is the home of the Vowellans. It lies south of the creepy Jimmy’s Jungle, north of the scary southern swamp, west of the cozy Blue Zint Mountains, and east of the grand Mountain of Lim. It is protected by its surroundings as well as by the heavy blankets of fog that roll in at the right times. The town of Vowella is quite modern, thanks to the influence of the earthly figure of RJ PLOM. The town was illustrated by means of an outdated home design program, but you get the idea of what Vowella might look like through these vintage illustrations.

The Ham Bat Pad

The sprawling one-level Ham Bat Pad serves as the community gathering place for most of the Vowellans’ major functions. Originally designed to accommodate the Ham Bats’ ample bodies, it boasts sturdy floors and wide doorways, a vast kitchen and recreation hall, and a community cafe and snack deck, as well as living quarters surrounding a private courtyard at the rear end of the building. The north doors of the rec hall open onto a field of ant hills that separates the Pad from Jimmy’s Jungle. The south doors lead to the prolific town gardens, where most of the Vowellans’ crops are grown.

The Fig Wig Bin

Since the tiny Fig Wigs like warm, closed-in spaces, their dome-shaped home is comprised of a vast circular main room with a glowing fire pit at its center. The space is surrounded by bedrooms and other living spaces, as well as several studios. Within the various studios, the Fig Wigs design the town’s clothing and other textiles, and offer natural healing services, which includes gentle massages and herb treatments. The property is laced with herb gardens, wind chimes, and soothing accessories. Their back yard features a corral where the precious wistas that are under their guard are housed and trained.

Lake Marie

Named after RJ’s mother, Lake Marie is a small, tranquil crystal blue lake that lies in the far northeast corner of Vowella Valley. It is lush with tropical, water-loving plants and surrounded by colorful plants and trees that wouldn’t normally share the same environment. The waters are laced with unusual species of aquatic life, including plentiful blue mouth clobs and colorful, crustacean-like creatures called crambles. It is the most natural recreational spot in the valley, and it often serves as the venue for special evening and concert events.

The Net Ken Den

The Net Kens’ grand mansion reflects their need for space to hoard all their collectibles and the various other possession they consider must-haves. The second floor accommodates several master suites that are stuffed with elegant yet often gaudy things that appeal to the individual Net Kens. The first floor houses their elegant kitchen, several pantries that house more collectibles, and a vast game room filled with arcade games and more books and board games than they would ever use.The back yard houses the hens and other animals that are under their charge, as well as numerous wells for stacking eggs.

The Rug Bum Hut

Since the Rug Bums prefer a simple, casual lifestyle, their hut includes only a kitchen and a couple of spacious rooms lined with bunks.The Rug Bums need a structure with lots of openings, so their heavily furred bodies are able to breathe. Their vast front porch serves as their lounging, harrass-Vowellans station. And since the Rug Bums do most of the hard physical work in town, they have a second “maintenance” building across the road that houses the tools and supplies that allow them to handle the construction, mechanical, and maintenance needs of the town.

Avocado Orchard

Lying southwest of the Fog Bob Box, the avocado orchard provides earthly fruit and also serves as a protected natural play area for the younger children in town. The center tree house promotes imaginative play for little ones such as Tok Fog Bob and Sil Fig Wig.

The Fog Bob Box

Because of their tall, log-shaped bodies and round, floppy feet, the Fog Bobs designed their Box to include high ceilings and hard floors to make for easy indoor hopping. Highly architectural in nature, their home includes a well-organized maze of hallways that lead to the living quarters at the rear of the building. The main front hallway boasts narrow, functional offices where the various intellectual and inventive duties that are assigned to them are performed.

Vowella Valley School

All of the young people of Vowella attend this quaint school. Built back in the days of RJ’s first arrival to the valley, it is comprised of a handful of classrooms that serve the preschool, elementary, and secondary education needs of the students. The front playground offers activity stations for appropriate age groups while remaining inclusive in nature.

The Crop Fields

Since Vowella has always been a self-sustaining community, the crop fields are important property to Vowella Valley. All of the clans contribute to its productivity. The variety of crops grew dramatically when RJ arrived in the valley, since he brought new earthly species of seeds with him when he came to Heavens Wait. The fields lie to the west of Valley Road, behind Valley Store and the Council Deck, and between the Ham Bat Pad and The Fog Bob Box.