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The Fantasy Fiction of Heaven's Wait

Understand more regarding Heaven’s Wait, a world that combines light, crossover, and coming-of-age genres of fantasy fiction. Delve into stories about a community of otherworldly characters, the Vowellans. They were born of pure imagination and are far more human in nature than you would think. They are also touched by bits of fantasy, magic, the beyond, and common truths. Take a moment to visit our Fantasy Fiction page to see the fantasy elements that are woven into the stories of Heaven’s Wait. See more.
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Heaven’s Wait’s Path to Mindfulness

The stories of Heaven’s Wait’s book series explore some of the relevant journeys that many of us experience during our lifetimes. Through quirky, lighthearted characters and a fictional environment, the stories remind us, whether characters or readers, to become more mindful individuals. Are we aware, authentic, tolerant and more? The characters’ journeys are certainly varied, so let’s look at some of the mindfulness questions the series examines. See more.
Image of character RJ and family depicting RJ's real story regarding Heaven's Wait

Inspiration for the Character RJ PLOM

The character of Mr. R.J. PLOM is based on memories of the author’s late father, Robert Marsicano. RJ is the accidental discoverer and key figure of the magical world of Heaven’s Wait. His journey to help the local inhabitants, the Vowellans, is based on the way the real man would have handled such a wondrous journey. So discover a little about the man and the family behind RJ’s development in the stories regarding Heaven’s Wait. See more.
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The Evolution Regarding Heaven’s Wait

Are you curious as to how the world of Heaven’s Wait came to be? Was there a master plan for the world and the book series? No! The ideas weren’t there all at once, and neither were the stories. Story ideas are still in the works, and life experiences along the way are certainly influencing those ideas. Therefore, it would be worth your while to follow Barbara’s journey and her behind-the-scenes learning experiences. Visit and follow Barbara’s blog to see more.
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