Discover Heaven’s Wait, A Fantasy Fiction World
Discover Heaven’s Wait! Go behind the scenes and explore the curious elements that make Heaven’s Wait such a unique, fascinating place. This section is a work-in-progress that will grow as the book series progresses. SPOILER ALERT: For your maximum enjoyment, you may wish to wait until you’ve read the current books before you take an inside look at the characters and their fantasy world.
Image of Mok Fog Bob on Discover Heaven's Wait page

The Vowellans

The five clans of Heaven’s Wait’s hidden community of Vowella are natives of their valley. They were given their clan titles by RJ PLOM”s mother, Marie, who happened upon them when she, as Vowella Valley’s first earthling, arrived generations ago. Intrigued by the fact that the clans’ unique traits and habits were characterized by short vowel sounds, Marie felt compelled to complete their picture by giving the clans family surnames that followed suit. And though the clans are of varying species, she decided to refer to the collective creatures as Vowellans. Take a peek at the Vowellan clans’ pages to further discover Heaven’s Wait.
Image of Fahbee Flingbee on Discover Heaven's Wait page

The Critters

Vowella Valley and Heaven’s Wait are abundant with colorful critters that are either native to the land or of earthly origin with a bit of a twist. As quirky as the Vowellans themselves, they add splashes of interest and purpose as the book series progresses. The surname for Fahbee Flingbee (pictured above) evolved from the fact that these creatures like to be held by their tails, circled above one’s head, and flung toward a nearby tree, where their curly tails grab onto branches, allowing them to swing upside down. Who knew critters would enjoy that!
Image of Vowella Valley on Discover Heaven's Wait page

Vowella Valley

From the start, visions of Vowella Valley floated through my head and needed to somehow come to life in our world. Back in 2007, I started creating Vowella Valley in a home design program. The graphics were much less sophisticated back then, but I was able to build a visual of the fantasy world, which helped me discover Heaven’s Wait and gave me a deeper sense of what it really was. Here is a tour of Vowella Valley as I saw it back then. Barbara
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The Drippils

Who are the Drippils, you may ask? Why, they are tiny, happy creatures who make their homes beneath the whimsical vovo plants within HW’s dark and spooky Jimmy’s Jungle. They are unbeknownst to the Vowellans and critters of Heaven’s Wait. These colorful, animated drips of water are here in Heaven’s Wait to tell their own story and entertain the very youngest of our visitors.