Read the Books of Heaven’s Wait
Welcome to the world of Heaven’s Wait. Its inhabitants happen to be oddly animated and childlike, yet their stories and struggles are very human in nature. This book series is not for kids only. It is for the young at heart who love to escape to a fantasy world, where times are more innocent and simple, and the search for a higher purpose never fades. If you buy your ebooks through Apple’s iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble for Nook, or Smashwords, these same titles are also available through Click on the links below to order these books in the format you like. iBook orders may be placed through your iBook app.

Do you know why you were given the life you have? There are more than a couple of folks who would like to know the answer to that question.

Beyond our realm, in the world of Heaven’s Wait, a community of oddball, animated beings, the Vowellans, live with innocent hope that someone called their Angelicous will someday arrive to help them realize their destiny.

With questions of his own, a recently deceased earthly man, Robert James, decides to travel an adventurous route to Heaven. During his flight, he becomes tangled in a wild storm that captures his small plane and delivers him to Heaven’s Waits’ Vowella Valley, the storm-devastated home of the Vowellans.

Once RJ discovers the comical, quirky clans of Vowella: the jolly Ham Bats; the greedy Net Kens; the quiet Fig Wigs; the intelligent Fog Bobs; and the rowdy Rug Bums, along with a few familiar faces from his past, he begins a new life journey, one of surprise, discovery, challenge, sharing, and hope for a clear sense of purpose for all.

This is where the story begins.

Discovering who and what you are truly meant to be is no easy task. Just ask Mok Fog Bob.

Mok, a bright, intuitive fifteen-year-old member of Vowella’s present-day Fog Bob clan, embarks on a mission to help the town’s earthborn Angelicous, Mr. RJ PLOM, unlock the key to the Vowellans’ unknown purpose in the mystical world of Heaven’s Wait.

The curious, comical, and often troubling everyday behaviors of Vowella’s five colorful, quirky clans—the Ham Bats, Net Kens, Fig Wigs, Fog Bobs, and Rug Bums—may be keeping them from discovering their destiny. Mok is determined to find out why.

When Mok becomes a frustrated researcher, RJ calls on his own mentor for help in solving the puzzle. From Lady Wisteena, a mysterious angel-type figure who resides in Heaven’s Wait’s capital, New Life City, he learns that there are no easy solutions to such complicated missions.

Will Mok’s investigations turn up enough clues to help RJ shed new light on the Vowellans’ destiny? Or is Mok asking too much of himself, his community, and customs that have endured for generations?