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Heaven’s Wait’s Path to Mindfulness
Through quirky, lighthearted characters and a fantasy fiction environment, the stories of Heaven’s Wait’s book series touch on mindfulness journeys that many of us experience during our lifetimes. Below, see the elements of the journeys that are presented by this series.
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Oh, to be more aware of what we do and how we affect others! Many folks don’t pay attention to such things, especially the Vowellans. And oftentimes others suffer because of our lack of awareness.
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Once we become aware, it’s easier for us to release things like old habits, outside influences, and the judgments we make. We will see the Vowellans struggle with this one.
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Releasing the things that keep us from achieving our true potential allows us to then contribute the values and abilities we’ve learned, especially in times of need. Will the Vowellans ever be able to make such contributions?
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We become more authentic as individuals once we are aware, are able to release, and are able to contribute. A couple of Vowellans are on the lookout for anyone who has reached such authenticity.
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Even when we’ve achieved some level of authenticity, we must be brave enough to reveal it to a bigger world, where all we’ve learned might be tested or evaluated by others. The Vowellans won’t know if they are up to such judgement until they venture out to that bigger world.

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Sharing with others includes being tolerant of persons, differences, and challenges outside of our comfort zone. The Vowellans’ first exposure to true tolerance comes when they encounter relatives they’ve long heard of but never known.
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Are we willing to practice what we’ve learned when sharing with others along the way? Can the Vowellans influence an important community where struggles are so much deeper than their own by practicing what they’ve learned?
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Will we find our true purpose in life by following such a mindful path? In the end, is it possible for the Vowellans to accomplish their lifelong mission of discovering their true purpose in Heaven’s Wait?
Discover how the Vowellans of Heaven’s Wait weave their way through these thoughtful processes. Follow their journey as the book series progresses. Watch for upcoming books at the following locations:
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