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No Longer Sing Along Feature Pic
Sing-the-Song: No Longer

Sing the Song: No Longer is a bit of a sad song, composed by the lovely Roz Fog Bob of Vowella Valley. In Book 2, Innocents and Curiosities, her son, Mok, hears her singing it during a quiet, late-night moment. It pains Mok to know she sings about his dad and all that he is missing with his family because he is blind to his mistakes.

Roz Fog Bob

Special thanks to illustrator, Julia Semionova for the beautiful backdrop. if you are able to zoom in on Roz, you’ll be amazed at the fine detail in her blouse and woven bench.

Enjoy the music and Sing-the-Song: No Longer as you follow the words in the video. And remember to read the song moment in the book, Innocents and Curiosities, to put the song into perfect context. B


Written by Barbara McLaughlin

February 5, 2023

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