Welcome to Heaven’s Wait! You are invited to explore an unlikely, light fantasy world born of sheer imagination. Meet Mr. RJ PLOM, its unexpected visitor, who leaves our familiar world for a journey above. Discover the Vowellans, Heaven’s Wait’s unusual, other-worldly inhabitants. Read the Vowellans’ stories, and enjoy the music they inspire. Transport yourself to a new world, get cozy within the community, and follow RJ and the Vowellans on their journeys toward their ultimate purpose in Heaven’s Wait.

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Hi! I’m Barbara McLaughlin. I’d like to personally welcome you to the light fantasy world of Heaven’s Wait. I hope you enjoy all there is to see!!

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by Barbara McLaughlin and Akira Ross | Heaven's Wait! Tales from Vowella | Copyright 2022

As you browse our homepage, listen to the original theme song from the Heaven’s Wait album.

Watch the introductory Heaven’s Wait trailer video for a bit of fantasy come to life.

Read the Books of Heaven's Wait

Welcome to the first book series from Heaven’s Wait. Within these volumes, tales follow the journeys of some unlikely, other-worldly characters, as well as their endearing mentor. Though set in a fantasy world, the lighthearted stories are very human in nature. The series is intended for all light fantasy lovers who enjoy an escape to another world, where times are perhaps more innocent and simple, and the search for a higher purpose is a running theme. This Tales from Vowella series is available in Paperback and Kindle formats at Amazon.com. Click Here for blurbs on each of the books as well as entertaining extras.

About Heaven's Wait!

Learn about a fascinating world that oozes the unexpected, yet is heavily influenced by the familiar. Discover the Vowellans and its other unique inhabitants. Explore the landscape and other fascinating features of Heaven’s Wait. This corner will expand with time. Click Here to explore.

Meet the Author!

Many years ago, Heaven’s Wait author, Barbara McLaughlin, never imagined she would become a novelist. What began as an idea to write some fun life lesson stories to leave to her family gradually morphed into the book series you see here today. Learn more about this unintentional writer.

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Follow Barbara's Blog!

Barbara is on a continuous creative journey within the world of Heaven’s Wait.  Many ideas are still in the works, and life experiences certainly play a part in their evolution. Follow Barbara’s Blog as she further develops the fantasy world of Heaven’s Wait.

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Original Music of Heaven's Wait!

As the stories of Heaven’s Wait came to life, this author found herself inspired to create music and lyrics to further enhance the experience within her fantasy world. She found a most talented musician to orchestrate her melodies. Please enjoy their creations and look for added pieces as time goes on!

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You Can Sing the Songs!

The books of Heaven’s Wait are lightly sprinkled with song lyrics. Discover the music behind the lyrics, and sing the songs of Heaven’s Wait right at home. Watch and participate in this collection of Sing-the-Song videos that accompanies the HW light fantasy series. Read more.


A Cat's Eyes View!

Belle McLaughlin witnesses most of the creative processes that  contribute to all that makes Heaven’s Wait a reality. Sneak behind-the-scenes with her to see the team at work. Click here.