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Heaven’s Wait is a light fantasy world born of my imagination. It is an evolving magical land filled with unique, other-worldly characters as well as visitors that are more familiar in nature. As a whole, they find themselves searching for truth and purpose in one way or another. I invite you to explore my unlikely world of Heaven’s Wait, much of which still lives in my head. Read the stories, discover the characters and their environment, and learn about my thought processes as the world and its stories evolve. My hope is that you enjoy the fantasy, feel at home within the communities, and that, along the way, you are transported to some new and better places. Best to you, Barbara McLaughlin
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Discover the novels of Heaven’s Wait, where its odd inhabitants are animated and childlike, yet their stories and struggles are very human in nature. This book series is intended for anyone who enjoys light fantasy, is young at heart, and loves escaping to a different world. In Heaven’s Wait, times are more innocent and simple, and the search for a higher purpose never fades.

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Go behind the scenes and explore the curious elements that make Heaven’s Wait such a unique, fascinating place. This section is a work-in-progress that will grow as the book series progresses. Learn about the eclectic inhabitants and their curious environment. SPOILER ALERT: For your maximum enjoyment, you may wish to wait until you’ve read the current books before you take an inside look at the characters and their fantasy world. 

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There are a few things you should know about Heaven’s Wait and why it exists in the first place. HW is a world of light fantasy fiction that is not merely for the young. It is for anyone who seeks a cozy escape and enjoys the journeys that help us find our purpose. It is based on inspiration but also on the unexpected evolution of a simple goal. 


I welcome your comments and inquiries. Click Here to browse your options. I hope to add a Blog in the near future, to chat about Heaven’s Wait as well as other meaningful odds and ends.