Much of the fun of visiting a fantasy world comes from allowing your own imagination to construct that world in your mind. Stories allow you to visualize new worlds in a variety of ways. But if you would rather see the mainland Heaven’s Wait as the author visualizes it, you have come to the right place. Keep in mind that the intention is not to reveal all the secrets of the landscape of HW. It is simply to highlight a few locales that might be of interest to you. Watch for future additions to the descriptions featured here.

Vowella Valley

…is a secluded treasure that is tucked between the majestic Mountain of Lim to the west and the lovely Blue Zint Mountains to the east. It lies within the lower third of the mainland continent. The mountains on either side create an occasional mystical fog, which keeps the valley protected from view and outside knowledge. Where the land is fertile and the weather is typically of a tropical nature, the valley was christened as a township in the early 1950s, thanks to kindhearted folks of another world.

Jimmy’s Jungle

This dense and sometimes creepy area guards Vowella Valley from the northern territories of Heaven’s Wait. It is strangely beautiful as well as productive. The jungle boasts a variety of unusual critters, unique native vegetation, and fertile clearings for domestic planting. Strange phenomena are characteristic of the region. One never knows what to expect when setting foot within its boundaries.

New Life City

The diamond of mainland Heaven’s Wait is its brilliant, bustling capital, New Life City. It lies north of Vowella Valley, beyond the creepy Jimmy’s Jungle and the stark flat space that stretches into the horizon. It’s charming streets and alleys boast a modern-day lifestyle. It’s inhabitants are a curious mix of beings who somehow coexist to serve the variety of purposes with which they are charged.

Southern Swamp

RJ PLOM’s first exposure to Heaven’s Wait occurs in the steamy dampness of the Southern Swamp. Unstable ground and unknown evil creatures characterize this scary area, as far as any of HW’s inhabitants know. Yet no one knows for sure, since the area is forbidden ground for its closest residents, the Vowellans. It is unknown who proclaimed it forbidden, but tales of its dangers have been enough to keep the inhabitants from exploring any further.