The Vowellans

Discover the Vowellans, the oddball, quirky, fun loving, innocent folks of Vowella Valley, Heaven’s Wait! Explore the varied personalities, even amongst individual clans. Understand how each character contributes his/her unique traits to the stories of Heaven’s Wait. This section will further bloom as our illustrator brings the characters to life and as new characters are born in stories to come.

While the Fog Bobs are the intellects in the town of Vowella, the Fig Wigs are the quiet yet free-spirited folks. The Ham Bats are jolly and speak with a twist, while the Net Kens are materialistic with a splash of greed. And those Rug Bums…well, they’re just plain mean and bullying most of the time. All of the clans are unique in appearance and behavior, but for the most part, they are innocent and naive about the ways of the worlds outside of their little valley. They are comical, cartoon-like characters that have real human struggles like the rest of us.

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