The Rug Bums

The rough and rowdy Rug Bums boast short, muscular, bun-shaped bodies covered with shaggy blue fur; spouts that generate piles of suds on the tops of their heads to keep them cool; scowling expressions; black beady eyes; blue lips; and foul bug juice breath. They are most often seen with jugs of bug juice hanging from their 4-digit hands. They wear minimal clothing: loincloths for the males, aprons for the females, as well as occasional hub cap armor on their elbows. Their main food staple is gum.

The Rug Bums are mean, bullying, grouchy individuals who take great pleasure in harassing other townsfolk, snapping rugs at them, calling them names, and picking fights. They don’t like anyone, especially each other. Yet they are hard workers who are charged with the maintenance, repair, and hauling chores of the valley that require muscle.

As much a grump as most of his clan, Dun Rug Bum enjoys the sport of bullying. He finds it quite entertaining to egg others on, spit insults, and show his meanest face to whomever crosses his path. He doesn’t know what a friend is, yet is observant of those who have them. This Rug Bum enjoys the in-clan bickering, and he doesn’t get along with other clan members, except perhaps his Uncle Pun. Dun also suffers from short-Bum syndrome, so he is more vocal than other Rug Bums in an attempt to make himself seem larger. Though he is one of the younger Rug Bums, he’s not afraid to take the lead during community harassing sessions.

Having had no training in the art of getting along, Dun struggles to fit into the hometown school environment and to maintain relationships with classmates like Mok, San, Lek, and Kip. He would rather hang out with his annoying older cousins, super-bullies Tug and Gun.


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Rug Bum Theme

by Barbara McLaughlin and Akira Ross | Heaven's Wait Copyright 2022

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