The Fig Wigs

The tiny, quiet folks of the Fig Wig Clan are easily recognized by their oversized heads; wild curls of vibrant orange; bright turquoise eyes that hide behind their ever-downcast focus; big, puffy yellow lips that are twice the size of their tiny feet; and translucent, yellowish-green fins that protrude from the sides of their hips. If they fib, their legs dip. They often need to sit, and they need the warmth of their fire pits, a common element within their dome-shaped home.

The Fig Wigs are the free-spirited folks of Vowella. They are meditators, herbalists, masseuses, and weavers who provide the town with a variety of textile and clothing services. The Fig Wigs have an artistic flair, subtle intuitive powers, and soothing hands. They are also charged with the care of the most precious creatures of Vowella Valley – the Wistas. Though the Fig Wigs appear to be calm and carefree, they have deep inner struggles, just as earthly families do.

Kip is a nature child from a different world. She appreciates alone time and the peace, beauty, and creativity that come with it. And she embraces her oddball traits, including her ever-bouncing wild orange curls and her breeze-ruffled translucent side fins. Kip is close to the female influences in her life, especially her mother Niv and her grandmother Lil’la. She enjoys her role as protector of her fragile younger sister Sil as well.

As a major character in the tales of Heaven’s Wait, she is Mok Fog Bob’s closest friend. The two have been neighbors and companions since they were babies. Intrigued by Mok’s mission to discover more about the Vowellans, she accompanies him, observing and learning along the way. Though she is as quiet and calm as the rest of her clan, she is far from timid. She speaks her mind, especially when sharing thoughts with Mok.

Kip learns a great deal about the nature and strength of her clan as the series progresses.

Listen to the mood of the Fig Wig Clan!

Fig Wig Theme

by Barbara McLaughlin and Akira Ross | Heaven's Wait Copyright 2022

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