The Ham Bats

The jolly members of the Ham Bat clan love a good bite to eat – or ten. Their hefty, jiggly bodies, the shape of canned hams, boast bright colors in the way of healthy pink skin, vibrant yellow hair, and twinkling apple-green eyes. When donned in their equally vibrant wardrobes, they are hard to miss. Color coordinated hats and bags are their must-have accessories, especially when they dance. Their highly sensitive, fan-shaped ears have almost as much spring in them as their dancing feet. They love their cats, naps in their frying pan beds, and ants, especially when they’re crispy-fried and sprinkled on their meals.

The happy, overeating folks have a unique habit of speaking in “ood’lies” (they add “d’l” and “ood’ly” to the end of many words). Though they are charged with providing the town with most of its meals, the Ham Bats are guilty of being overly generous at times, finding an excessive need to gift the townsfolk with food. Their sprawling hacienda-style home plays host to most community-wide social events.

San is a cheery teen who doesn’t let much bother him. He is comfortable with his ample girth and doesn’t apologize for his hefty appetite. He is quite fashion conscious, making sure his hats and companion bags always match. His yellow hair and bright green eyes give him a somewhat earthly Scandinavian appearance. But those highly sensitive, strangely fanned ears are a clear indication that he is of another world. He can dance up a storm to earthly music and hit the spit out of an earthly baseball better than most.

As one of Mok’s schoolmates and friends, San usually participates in anything that includes Mok, since San sees Mok as someone who is going places. He also is increasingly interested in the females of the valley, though he knows nothing of what to do with his interest. San has a very close knit family that spends a great deal of time together doing fun things. But are things as fun and carefree within the Ham Bat clan as they appear? Ask San, who keeps at least one little secret.


Listen to the mood of the Ham Bat Clan!

Ham Bat Theme

by Barbara McLaughlin and Akira Ross | Heaven's Wait Copyright 2022

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