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The Fantasy Fiction of Heaven’s Wait

Why should you step into the world of Heaven’s Wait by Barbara McLaughlin, where light, crossover, and coming-of-age genres of fantasy fiction blend to reveal simple stories of lives that are far more human in nature than they seem?

The Fantasy

If you’re a fantasy lover, the Tales from Vowella series will transport you to a unique, imaginary world where ordinary rules don’t necessarily apply. It will introduce you to a community of animated, other-worldly beings, the Vowellans, who have struggles and learning experiences just as we do, but who approach them in more outlandish, lighthearted ways and with different boundaries based on who they are and what their heritage has taught them.

The Magic

If you’re a magic lover, the stories will treat you to the subtle, light magical elements of which this quirky, animated world is comprised. The magic serves a purpose while it entertains and intrigues. The critters of HW are especially susceptible to such magic. Though much is unrealistic in HW as compared to our world, the lighthearted fun of Heaven’s Wait allows for a great escape from our everyday realities.

The Beyond

If you’re intrigued by what may exist beyond our world, the series will transport you through the mysterious portal that accesses the crossover world of Heaven’s Wait, allowing you to accompany an earthly character, RJ PLOM, as well as the diverse local characters of HW, on their sometimes humorous as well as more extraordinary journeys, most of which would be impossible within our existing world.

The Truths

If you enjoy the complex truths that often abound from fantasy writing, you will find that HW’s tales work their way towards many truths, though in quirky fashion. After all, truths are the prizes for discovering intriguing new worlds, and there are many interesting ways in which they are revealed. Coming-of-age Vowellan characters Mok Fog Bob and Kip Fig Wig work very hard at such discovery.

Wikipedia describes fantasy as “a fiction genre that uses magic or other supernatural elements as a main plot element, theme, or setting. Many works within the genre take place in imaginary worlds where magic and magical creatures are common.” So, escape to HEAVEN’S WAIT, TALES FROM VOWELLA! Satisfy your cravings for light, crossover, or coming-of-age fantasy, magic, light intrigue, and relevant truths by accompanying the fascinating Vowellans on their meaningful journeys.