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RJ and the Vowellans Book Post
RJ and the Vowellans

RJ and the Vowellans, Tales from Vowella Book 1 is the story of a man who, through no wish of his own, left our mortal world for Heaven. Along the way, he happened upon a brilliant, unknown world called Heaven’s Wait. There, he found a most unusual community of quirky beings known as the Vowellans. This is the story of RJ’s discovery of Heaven’s Wait and his inevitable relationship with the Vowellans.

RJ and the Vowellans is the first book of the new Heaven’s Wait! Tales from Vowella Book Series. It is a story that was originally the prologue for the initial, massive manuscript for Tales from Vowella. The manuscript was so huge and poorly written that my story consultant, Brad Schreiber, suggested that I divide it into a trilogy and work separately on the smaller pieces. I took his advice, divided the manuscript, and started revising. Before long, I realized that the prologue didn’t reveal enough information about RJ and his journey to Heaven’s Wait. It also failed to reveal the history of the Vowellans before he got there, and how his relationship with the Vowellans evolved once he was present in their world. So, I removed the prologue from the main manuscript and let my imagination take over.

The original prologue had been called RJ’s Story, so RJ’s Story became the title of the first book in the evolving series. I published the original RJ’s Story book in 2015. Now, many years later, the entire series is finished, and this 2nd edition book has a beautiful new cover and title, RJ and the Vowellans, in keeping with the new images and feel of the complete series. The story is the same. Everything surrounding it is new. Please enjoy the following book trailer for RJ and the Vowellans. Barbara


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Written by Barbara McLaughlin

Category: Books and Trailers

December 11, 2022

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